HP Brushless Motor for 450-Class Electric Helicopter Series

(Patent Pending)
  • $108.95


The new KDE Direct 450XF-1750 High-Performance Brushless Motor is an extremely efficient and powerful motor for any 450-class Electronic helicopter, and was designed as a powerhouse for the ALIGN T-Rex 450 and GAUI X3 series helicopters. In collaboration with Castle Creations, the motor is custom designed for KDE Direct and used the latest Computer-Aided Magnetic Field Analysis software to design the most efficient and optimized design for high-level, 3D-competition flight. The motor is designed to handle extreme-power setups and has been optimized for governor-control algorithms of the Castle Creations ESC product line; making this motor the most capable offering in the RC helicopter marketplace.

Motors include 200°C, 16 AWG silicone-wire leads and ф4.0mm 24k Bullet Connectors (pre-soldered to the motor leads and ESC bullets in the box).


Material: Neodymium N45UH, 1750Kv

Models: 450-class helicopters (compatible with M3 x 19mm and M2.5 x 16mm mounting profiles) and ф3.5mm exit shaft. For the ALIGN 450L Dominator series, check out the Installation Notes online in the HeliFreak KDE Direct Upgrades and Accessories Forum.


  • Clear anodize, mirror-polish CNC gloss endbells
  • Black electro-plate, CNC gloss central core (flux ring)

Full Specifications:

Kv 1,750 RPM/V
Maximum Current 66+ A (2 sec)
Maximum Power 1,450+ W (2 sec)
Continuous Current 33+ A
Continuous Power 725+ W
Maximum Efficiency 90%
Voltage Range 22.2 V (6S) - 25.9 V (7S)
Io (@10V) 1.4 A
Rm (Wind Resistance) 0.026 Ω
Magnetic Poles 8 (12S8P)
Bearings Quad, 604ZZ/MR74ZZ
Mount Pattern M3 x ф19 mm, M2.5 x ф16 mm
Stator Class 2618, 4T, D
Stator Windings TBD*
Shaft Diameter ф3.5 mm (4 mm Internal)
Shaft Length 18.5 mm
Motor Dimension ф33 mm x 36 mm
Motor Weight 100 g (115 g with Wire Leads)
Motor Leads 16 AWG, 200°C
Cooling System High-Volume Centrifugal Fan
Motor Timing 5° - 15°
ESC PWM Rate 8 - 16 kHz

*: Equivalent stator winding: TBD

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