Battery Mount and Cross Brace for ALIGN T-Rex 500 Pro Electric Series Helicopters

Product has been archived, and is no longer available for purchase. This page is for reference only.



The AT500P-BMU provides superior strength to the front section of the helicopter, providing an Aluminum tray that supports the entire length of the LiPo battery (anti-taco device!) and an Aluminum cross brace for critical frame support. With the new open front section design, it is now possible to tuck the ESC and LiPo wiring underneath the tray for easier canopy placement before flight. The under section of the tray contains a FEA-optimized webbing profile that provides a strong-platform for ESC mounting and perfect CG alignment for 3D flight.


Material: Aluminum 6061-T6

Models: All ALIGN T-Rex 500 PRO series (replaces stock ALIGN part #H50163).


  • One (1) T-Rex 500 PRO Series Aluminum Battery Mount Upgrade
  • One (1) T-Rex 500 PRO Series Aluminum Cross Brace Upgrade
  • Four (4) M2.5 x 0.45 x 8 mm Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9)
  • Two (2) M2.5 x 0.45 x 14mm Socket Head Cap Screw (Class 12.9)

Finish: Clear anodize, mirror-polish CNC gloss

Weight: 24 g (design is FEA optimized for maximum strength and minimum weight)

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