Support Center - FAQ - Propellers

Do I need to balance the propeller blades?

  • No, all KDE Direct propeller blades come in matched pairs that are dynamically balanced. There is no need for secondary balancing. Self-balancing can damage the propeller blade or weaken the structure and lead to unsafe operation.

How do I keep the propeller blades organized as balanced pairs/sets?

  • The propeller set comes with a KDE Direct decal sheet. The decals are adhesive and will allow you to color coordinate each propeller set. It is best to do this upon receiving the propellers as they can easily get mixed up.

If I crash, can I still use the propeller blade?

  • Unfortunately, no. Damage to the propellers can be surface imperfections or internal cracks that cannot be seen. Stress from cracks or imperfection can cause the propeller blade to fail under operation or lead to unsafe flying.

Can I save extra propellers if I crash and use them later?

  • Unfortunately, no. All KDE Direct propeller sets are dynamically balanced at our production facility. Each set is matched for smooth and vibration free operation. The use of a static balancing propeller stand is non-ideal as both static and dynamics balancing methods are used to produce high quality propeller blades. At KDE Direct, specialized CNC equipment is used in manufacturing for this detailed operation.

Is the length listing on a pair of propellers the diameter of rotation when both props are assembled or is it the length of one propeller?

  • The length listing is the diameter of rotation when the propellers are assembled to the motor via the appropriate KDE propeller adapter. The propeller dimension specifications can be found on their product page under the "Technical Media" tab.

How tight should the propeller blades be?

  • Please reference the propeller adapter installation diagram for torque specs. In general, when you hold the propĀ horizontally the props should be tight enough to stay in place. When you apply pressure, you should be able to fold the props relatively easily. A demonstration of this can be seen here.