Technical Support Center - UAS Electronics


  • How do I setup my Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)?

    • ESC setup instructions can be found on each Product Page under the Technical Media webpage tab.  Click on the UAS ESC Series Instruction Manual (PDF) link to view the most recent information and safe-operation requirements.  The manual is provided as a guide through your ESC setup, from start to finish, and is critical to read through the full manual before operating the ESC and always follow all instructions.
  • How do I update my ESC to the latest Firmware?

    • By purchasing the Device Manager Adapter Programming Kit (KDEXF-DMA), and following the details of the latest Instruction Manual (found under the Specifications webpage tab, access to advanced features are available.  This will allow you to update all of your ESCs to the latest firmware edition and adjust Advanced Settings as needed for custom applications and/or further optimization of your propulsion system.
  • Are the firmware updates free?

    • Yes! KDE Direct is a Research and Development company, continually striving to improve technology and functionality in the UAS industry.
  • What ESC options should I select?

    • The detailed Instruction Manual for the Device Manager Adapter Programming Kit (KDEXF-DMA), found under the Specifications webpage tab, reviews all of the Advanced Setting options for optimal operation or customization to your own custom requirements.
  • What is the second lead (orange/red/brown wires) on the KDE Direct UAS ESCs used for?

    • There are two leads included on all UAS ESCs: (1) the control line from the ESC to the flight-controller or direct-receiver (white/red/black wires) and (2) the dedicated programming line to the ESC (orange/red/brown wires) using the Device Manager Adapter Programming Kit (KDEXF-DMA). The dedicated programming line allows for simple updates and programming of the ESC, without needing to disconnect leads from the flight-controller that can lead to installation errors or other concerns. Please review the latest Instruction Manual included with the ESC or found online (see the Technical Media tab for each ESC edition webpage) for full-details on proper installation and connection.
  • For FPV Racing, what is the weight of the KDEXF-UAS20LV ESC with the heat-shrink and heat-sink removed?

    • For clients looking for the ultimate performance in FPV Racing, the KDEXF-UAS20LV ESC can be reduced in weight by removing the heat-shrink cover and heat-sink.  This will reduce the maximum continuous amperage capability of the ESC from 20A to 12A (up to 6S voltages), but the overall weight becomes a mere 7.0 grams!