Technical Support Center - UAS Propeller Blades


  • Do I need to balance the Propeller Blades?

    • No, all KDE Direct Propeller Blades come dynamically-balanced and provided in matched-pairs or sets, so simply install the blades and go fly - no need for secondary balancing or other headaches. Self-balancing can potentially damage the propeller blade and/or weaken the structure, leading to an unsafe operation and/or making it unusable in flight operations.
  • How do I keep the Propeller Blades organized as balanced pairs/sets?

    • The Propeller Blade product comes with a custom, KDE Direct decal sheet contained within the packaging.  The decals are self-adhesive, so select a different color for each propeller pair/set to keep them organized.  Best to perform this upon initial receipt of the Propeller Blades, matching the pairs/sets as provided in the original product packaging from our production facility.
  • If I crash, can I still use the Propeller Blade?

    • Unfortunately, no. Any damage to the propeller blade, such as surface imperfections or internal cracks outside the view of the human eye caused from crash impact, can lead to unsafe flying.  If a single-blade is damaged during operation, make sure to replace the propeller blade pair or set (CW or CCW).
  • Can I save extra propellers if I crash and use them later?

    • Unfortunately, no. All KDE Direct Propeller Blades are dynamically balanced at our production facility, so each set is perfectly matched for smooth and vibration-free operation.  The use of a static-balancing propeller stand is non-ideal, as both static and dynamic balancing methods are needed to produce a high-quality Propeller Blade.  At KDE Direct, specialized CNC equipment is used in manufacturing for this detailed operation.