Flybarless Main Rotor Housing for ALIGN T-Rex 500 Pro Electric Series Helicopters

Product has been archived, and is no longer available for purchase. This page is for reference only.



The Flybarless Main Rotor Housing upgrade encompasses the latest technologies for optimum setup of the flybarless mechanics. The new design incorporates a series of performance enhancements including:

  1. Direct-mounted washout arms to guarantee true-parallel alignment of the linkage rods and an interaction-free setup to the main shaft. No more hassles with the main shaft clamp and difficult linkage alignment, simply bolt on the washout arms and go fly with and optimal setup every flight.
  2. M3 clamp mechanism is built into the upgrade design, providing a solid hold to the main shaft that is truly noticeable in flight with a significant reduction in shaking, bobbing, and other effects evident under hard 3D flights.

In addition, the new "Pro" version lowers the rotor head an additional 7.5mm in comparison to the original T-Rex 500E/ESP design; providing faster/crisper rolls and increased 3D flight response.

Design Notice: To achieve the best possible setup and perfect alignment of the flight mechanics, it is recommended to use the following ALIGN flybarless components with the new design:

  • Main Shaft: H50156, T-Rex 500 Pro Main Shaft
  • Flybarless Grips: H50150/H50152, T-Rex 500 FL Main Rotor Grip Set
  • Washout Arms: H50180, T-Rex 500 FL Metal Control Arms
  • Linkages: H50173, T-Rex 500 EFL Pro Linkage Rod Set


Material: Aluminum 6061-T6

Models: All ALIGN T-Rex 500 PRO and 500* series (replaces stock ALIGN part #H50148).
*: The AT500P-MRHFB design can be used on the 500E/ESP series with the installation of the ALIGN T-Rex 500PRO Main Shaft, part #H50156.


  • One (1) T-Rex 500 PRO Series Aluminum Flybarless Main Rotor Housing
  • Two (2) M3 x 0.5 x 10 mm Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9)
  • Two (2) M3 x 0.5 x 12 mm Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9)

Finish: Clear anodize, mirror-polish CNC gloss

Weight: 29 g (design is FEA optimized for maximum strength and minimum weight)


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