Flybarless System Mount for ALIGN T-Rex 700/800 Series Helicopters

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The Flybarless System Mount provides the ideal mounting location for the Flybarless System electronics, with a location protected internal to the carbon frames and centrally-aligned to the helicopter for optimum control. The new Mount design allows for larger-class power systems to be used (HV160A+ ESCs) in the T-Rex 700/800 helicopters, without the need for canopy modification to achieve proper fit. In addition, the design uses an anti-vibration, ABS mounting surface for the Flybarless System; supported by a lightweight Aluminum 6061-T6 frame for ultimate strength and Flybarless optimization. The ABS mounting surface is 29.5 mm wide by 34.0 mm long, providing full support of the ALIGN 3GX, Mikado VBAR, BeastX/Spektrum AR7200BX, and other common Flybarless controllers.

Important: The upgrade is for the T-Rex 700/800 series helicopters. To ensure proper operation, please review the Design Presentation (PDF) and Installation Diagram (PDF) for assembly details and tips.


Material: Aluminum 6061-T6, ABS Proprietary Copolymer

Models: All ALIGN T-Rex 700, 700N, and 800 series.


  • One (1) T-Rex 700/800 Series Aluminum Flybarless System Mount Base Frame
  • One (1) T-Rex 700/800 Series ABS Flybarless System Mount Mounting Plate
  • One (1) T-Rex 700/800 Clear Adhesive Drilling Template, Left Frame*
  • One (1) T-Rex 700/800 Clear Adhesive Drilling Template, Right Frame*
  • Four (4) M2.5 x 0.45 x 6 mm Flat Head Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9)
  • Four (4) M3 x 0.5 x 8 mm Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9)
  • Four (4) M3 x 4.5 mm Aluminum Finishing C Washers

*: Drilling Template and procedure NOT required for the T-Rex 700E DFC edition and the Flybarless System Mount is a direct bolt-in upgrade for the series.

Finish: Clear anodize, mirror-polish CNC gloss

Weight: 14 g (design is FEA optimized for maximum strength and minimum weight)

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