Propeller Blade Torque Wrench for Multi-Rotor (UAS) Series (3.5 in-lb, 2.5 mm)

Product has been archived, and is no longer available for purchase. This page is for reference only.



The new KDE Direct UAS Multi-Rotor Propeller Blade Torque Wrench provides a factory-calibrated, handheld torque-wrench for simple installation and periodic maintenance of the KDE Direct UAS Multi-Rotor Propeller Blade Adapter Series propeller mounting screws (C12.9 socket head shoulder cap screws).

Multiple torque and hex-key sized wrenches are available for direct compatibility with the KDE Direct UAS Carbon-Fiber Propeller Blade Series (see Specifications and Technical Media tabs above for more details).


Compatible Propeller Blade Series:

Compatible Propeller Blade Adapters:


  • One (1) KDE Direct UAS Multi-Rotor Propeller Blade Torque Wrench (3.5 in-lb, 2.5 mm)

Full Specifications:

Torque (Fixed)* 3.5 in-lb
Torque (Fixed)* 56.0 oz-in
Torque (Fixed)* 0.40 N-m
Hex Key Size 2.5 mm
Socket Head Sizing M3

*: Torque allowance +/- 15%.

Propeller Blade Compatibility Chart

KDE-CF125 (12.5" x 4.3) Propeller Blades KDE-TW3025
KDE-CF155 (15.5" x 5.3) Propeller Blades KDE-TW3525
KDE-CF185 (18.5" x 6.3) Propeller Blades KDE-TW4025
KDE-CF215 (21.5" x 7.3) Propeller Blades KDE-TW4525
KDE-CF245 (24.5" x 8.1) Propeller Blades KDE-TW5030
KDE-CF275 (27.5" x 8.9) Propeller Blades KDE-TW5530
KDE-CF305 (30.5" x 9.7) Propeller Blades KDE-TW6030


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