Universal Ball Link Pliers for Setup and Installation (4.75mm to 6.0mm Ball Links)

  • $54.95


The new KDE Direct Universal Ball Link Pliers were developed in collaboration with FBL Rotors, another excellent company here in Washington State. Using the highest-quality materials and CNC machining processes, we've produced a tool that is the only pair of ball-link pliers you should ever need for your hobby addiction. Unlike the cheap, cast-steel offerings common in the market, the Universal Ball Link Pliers offer multiple distinct advantages: (1) compatible with 5.0mm up to 6.0mm ball links for wide-brand usage, (2) Bronze 954 and Stainless Steel 303 jaws are replaceable and prevent scratching the control ball links during installation and removal common with RC Helicopters, (3) carbide cutters pre-installed for easy cutting of zip-ties and other needs, (4) protective case for travel protection, and (5) extremely smooth and ergonomic pliers with an internal spring rebound (factory assembled).


Material: Aluminum 6061-T6, Bronze 954, Stainless Steel 303


  • One (1) KDE Direct - FBL Rotors Universal Ball Link Plier Assembly
  • One (1) KDE Direct - FBL Rotors Nylon Custom Mesh Case

Finish: Natural and mirror-polish CNC gloss

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