Brushless Motor for 550/600/650-Class Electric Helicopter Series

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  • 6mm XL Edition, Standard (KDE600XF-SR32)
    • ф6mm shaft diameter, 40.5mm shaft extension, 96.5mm overall length
      • ALIGN TREX 600Series
      • ALIGN TREX 550 Series
      • BLADE 600 X Series
      • BLADE 550 X Series
      • COMPASS 6HV Series
      • KDS AGILE 5.5 Series
      • MIKADO LOGO 600/SE/SX Series
      • SYNERGY E6 Series
      • SYNERGY E5 Series
  • 6mm Edition, Goblin (KDE600XF-SR32-G570)
    • ф6mm shaft diameter, 28.5mm shaft extension, 84.5mm overall length
      • SAB GOBLIN 570 Series
  • 5mm Edition (KDE600XF-SR32-5MM)
    • ф5mm shaft diameter, 32.5mm shaft extension, 88.5mm overall length
      • MIKADO LOGO 550/SE/SX Series
      • MIKADO LOGO 500/Carbon Series

The new KDE Direct 600XF-1100-G3 High-Performance Brushless Motor is an extremely efficient and powerful motor for any 550 through 650-class Electronic RC helicopter. Using the latest Computer-Aided Magnetic Field Analysis software to design the most efficient and optimized design for high-level, 3D-competition flight and the highest-quality materials and processes in manufacturing; the new "G3" series is the new generation in performance for the RC helicopter marketplace. The motors are designed with performance and durability in-mind, with features unseen in the current market: (1) high-grade, 240°C continuous (340°C maximum) high-temperature solid-core copper windings for failure-free operation in extreme-climates, (2) Japanese-built, 0.2 mm silicon-steel stator laminations and Kevlar tie-wraps for high-efficiency performance, and (3) quad-bearing supported, ABEC-7 bearings for maintenance-free and worry-free flying for hundreds of hours. These are just a few of the advantages built-in to these motors, and every detail of the motors was scrutinized to produce the absolute best available; for a wide-range of flight applications.

Motors include 200°C, 13 AWG silicone-wire leads and ф6.5mm 24k Bullet Connectors (pre-soldered to the motor leads and ESC bullets in the box).


    Material: Neodymium N45UH, 1100Kv

    Models: 550- through 650-class helicopters (compatible with M4 x ф30mm and M3 x ф25mm mounting profiles) and ф6mm exit shaft (XL edition).


    • Clear anodize, mirror-polish CNC gloss endbells
    • Black electro-plate, CNC gloss central core (flux ring)

    Full Specifications:

    Kv 1,100 RPM/V
    Maximum Current 186+ A (2 sec)
    Maximum Power 5,500+ W (2 sec)
    Continuous Current 112+ A
    Continuous Power 3,335+ W
    Maximum Efficiency 92%
    Voltage Range 21.0 V (5S) - 33.6 V (8S)
    Io (@10V) 3.4 A
    Rm (Wind Resistance) 0.007 Ω
    Magnetic Poles 10 (12S10P)
    Bearings Quad, 696ZZ/MR106ZZ
    Mount Pattern M4 x ф30 mm, M3 x ф25 mm
    Stator Class 3532, 3T+3T, YY
    Stator Windings* 16-Strand, ф0.38 mm
    Shaft Diameter ф6 mm (ф6 mm Internal)
    Shaft Length 40.5 mm
    Motor Dimension ф46 mm x 56 mm
    Motor Weight 350 g (375 g with Wire Leads)
    Motor Leads 13 AWG, 200°C
    Cooling System High-Volume Centrifugal Fan
    Motor Timing 5° - 15°
    ESC PWM Rate 8 - 12 kHz

    *: Equivalent Stator Winding: 1-Strand, ф1.55 mm solid-core

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