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About Us

KDE Direct entered the UAV industry over a decade ago seeking to improve the design and manufacturing of brushless motors and components. What started as a small business launched a global brand that leads the world in single and multi-rotor applications. KDE Direct has always focused on enhanced safety, reliability, and performance. By supplying industrial components and developing cutting-edge technology, KDE Direct remains the leading choice for military, industrial, and commercial businesses.

Powering future focused applications

KDE Direct’s craftsmanship of brushless motors are used in demanding environments. With reliable performance for turbine inspection in high winds, eco-efficient electric transportation, and underwater rovers for mapping the ocean floor, KDE Direct is trusted from sea to sky by the best in the industry.

Inspired engineering

KDE Direct is a global brand driven by innovation and quality products. The heavy lift brushless motor series, specialized electronic speed controller (ESC) systems, standardization of ESC CAN bus technology, and carbon fiber propellers have set the standard in the UAV industry. Specializing in robust solutions, reliable propulsion systems, and custom integrated solutions, KDE Direct provides world class customer support.

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power your next creation with KDE Direct brushless motors.