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Powerful Performance. High Torque. Long Life.

KDE Direct brushless motors are optimized for industrial applications due to their high-power density, exceptional efficiency, and low maintenance. KDE Direct’s brushless motors can last for years without any upkeep, making them perfect for rugged or continuous use in the industrial and manufacturing fields. Our motors are ideal for motion control, positioning, or actuation systems for manufacturing.

KDE Direct offers durable and long-lasting brushless motors to help performance-driven businesses build and improve next-generation machines for industrial applications, including plastics, power generation, steel production, wind energy, and more. Our team uses custom-CNC machined components so that Engineering and Quality Analysis can provide the most accurate data possible to match real-life conditions.

Our brushless DC motors are primarily utilized in the industrial and manufacturing applications where stable operation and precise motion control are critical for smooth operation of the project. KDE's brushless motors are often used as pumps, spindles, and fan drives in adjustable and variable speed applications due to their high torque and excellent speed response. The durable construction and design of our motors ensures exceptional thermal characteristics and high energy efficiency operation.

KDE Direct Brushless Motor
Manufacturing and Industrial

  • Linear motors
  • Feed drives for CNC machine tools
  • Servomotors
  • Extruder drive motors
  • Actuators for industrial robots
  • Vacuums
  • Motion control, positioning, and actuation systems
  • Metal forming
  • Power generation
  • Steel production
  • Wind energy
  • Vibratory equipment

KDE Direct manufactures motors for various manufacturing and industrial applications. Our products are crafted to provide powerful performance, high torque, and long life. Manufactures choose KDE Direct's brushless motors for high speed, maintenance free operation. Our components are ideal for challenging environments where sparking could negatively affect sensitive equipment.
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Designed and Engineered in the USA

KDE Direct's brushless motors are designed and engineered in the United States. Our motors provide power, performance, and efficiency. KDE Direct motors are
engineered for remarkable efficiency and power that push the limits of today's technology. Our motors are designed to provide market-leading performance and
zero-vibration operation for hours of maintenance-free usage and market-leading performance.

Brushless Motor Advantages:

Brushless motors have higher efficiency and performance and a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear than brushed motors.

  • High torque per watt of power input (increased efficiency)
  • High torque to weight ratio
  • Reliability with low maintenance requirements
  • Decreased operational and mechanical noise
  • Extended lifespan (no brush and commutator erosion)
  • Removal of ionizing sparks from the commutator (ESD)
  • Near-elimination of electromagnet interference (EMI)

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