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KDE Direct designs brushless motors for robotics ranging from prosthetics to BattleBots. Our products are crafted to provide powerful performance, high torque, and long life. Manufactures choose KDE Direct's brushless motors for high speeds, maintenance-free operation, and environments where sparking is dangerous or could negatively affect electrically sensitive equipment.

Brushed DC motors have numerous limitations in robotics: brush residue, limited lifespan and speed, and loud electrical noise. Brushless DC motors are significantly faster, cleaner, quieter, more efficient, and more reliable. Also, brushless motors don't have brushes or commutators that can wear out.

Eliminating brushes allows motors to handle higher peak current while spinning faster, resulting in greater overall speed. A KDE Direct brushless motor does the same job as a traditional brushed motor with greater speed and longer lifespan at half the weight, making them ideal for prosthetics, drones, rovers, and more. Our brushless motors are quiet and clean so hobbyists and scientists alike can build better machines for the future.

KDE Direct Brushless Motor
Robotics Applications

  • BattleBots
  • Prosthetics
  • Drones
  • Rovers
  • Micro robotic systems
  • Humanoid robots
  • Service robots

KDE Direct also offers Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) for our brushless motors. Our UAS UVC series brings next generation technology for UAS and multi-rotor operation to life. It includes an all-aluminum 6061-T6 case for cool-running temperatures so the ESC can be used in a wide-range of harsh environments thanks to its IP66 certification for all-weather operation. It also comes preloaded with the latest production firmware for dynamic-timing, smooth startup power, and precise control without response lag or stuttering.

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Designed and Engineered in the USA

KDE Direct's brushless motors are designed and engineered in the United States. Our motors provide power, performance, and efficiency. KDE Direct motors are
engineered for remarkable efficiency and power that push the limits of today's technology. Our motors are designed to provide market-leading performance and
zero-vibration operation for hours of maintenance-free usage and market-leading performance.

Brushless Motor Advantages:

Brushless motors have higher efficiency and performance and a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear than brushed motors.

  • High torque per watt of power input (increased efficiency)
  • High torque to weight ratio
  • Reliability with low maintenance requirements
  • Decreased operational and mechanical noise
  • Extended lifespan (no brush and commutator erosion)
  • Removal of ionizing sparks from the commutator (ESD)
  • Near-elimination of electromagnet interference (EMI)

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