Brushless Motors

Brushless Motors for UAS and Drones

KDE Direct engineers brushless motors for drones and UAV applications, ranging from miniature-class multirotors, to heavy-lift systems used in industrial and military flight operations.  Our brushless motors for drones lead the market in performance and vibration-less flight operation. From commercial and industrial heavy lift operations to personal and hobby brushless motor upgrades, KDE Direct serves your UAS motor needs across an array of applications and industries.


Heavy Lift Brushless Motors | Trusted on Top Feature Films and Commercials

KDE Direct engineers brushless motors for heavy lift commercial and industrial applications. Whether shooting a feature Hollywood film, performing LiDAR or SAR operations, or spraying and surveying crops, heavy lift drones have a variety of applications. Each application requires the highest quality brushless motors available - saving time and money getting the job done right. With manufacturing facilities in both the United States and abroad, KDE Direct designs and manufactures multirotor motors for high thrust capacity, peak efficiency, and long-lasting and dependable durability.

“We use KDE Direct components for all our rigs.” - Revered Cinema


Brushless Motor Technology

From patent pending bearing designs, to the use of military-grade, high temperature solid core copper windings, KDE Direct engineers and manufactures brushless motors with the most advanced technology available. Each of our brushless motor designs was scrutinized in each design detail, and then field-tested to produce the best technology available for a range of applications. Depending on the capabilities needed and multirotor motor selected, technology includes:

  • High temperature, solid core copper windings for safe operation in extreme conditions
  • Japanese-built silicon steel stator laminations and Kevlar tie wraps for peak durability and consistent operation
  • Integrated centrifugal fan for cool running temperatures and high-continuous performance output capacity
  • Triple and quad-bearing supported magnet bell for smooth, vibration-free operation
  • High efficiency (HE) electromagnetic winding design for peak efficiency and maximum thrust-generation

KDE Direct continues to engineer the highest quality brushless motors available for multirotors or drone systems. KDE Direct brushless motors undergo extensive testing for durability, performance and extended flight times - designed for worry-free flying for hundreds of hours in commercial, industrial, military, or even personal applications.

Browse our current selection of brushless motors for multirotor or drone airframes. Whether you’re upgrading a hobby FPV kit, building a heavy duty quadcopter for commercial applications, or are looking to upgrade the motors on your fleet of commercial drones for market-leading performance, KDE Direct has the perfect multirotor motor for your needs.