Electronics Info

Drone/Multirotor Electronics (ESC/UBEC)

KDE Direct is pleased to offer the UAS Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit (UBEC) Series. The series is characterized by high quality and engineered electronics for optimal performance, specifically for UAS, drone, and multirotor applications. KDE Direct's UAS ESC is tuned and optimized for the KDE Direct Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor Series to provide superior performance and reliability.


Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

KDE Direct brings to life the next generation of technology for UAV and multirotor operation. KDE Direct’s engineering allows the UAS ESC to be used in a range of harsh environments and climates, applications where drone safety and reliability are critical. KDE Direct’s multirotor electronics are ideal for commercial and industrial applications, ranging from aerial surveying and LiDAR scanning, aerial cinematography and agriculture, to a wide host of applications as far as the mind can dream.

  • UAS ESCs come preloaded with the latest production firmware and technologies for simple drop-in installation
  • Enjoy peak-performance and efficiency for your multirotor and UAS applications
  • Includes active anti-spark circuitry, protecting the integrity and lifespan of the critical connectors
  • Tuned and optimized for plug-and-play operation with KDE Direct brushless motors and components
  • No additional throttle calibration is required for most applications and are factory-programmed for consistent and reliable operation

    Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit (UBEC)

    KDE Direct’s UBEC (also termed "BEC") series allows multirotor power systems to operate with clean, voltage-regulated power - critical for dependable operation of flight electronics and peripheral equipment. The UBEC series was designed to eliminate the need for an external battery pack and allows for simple adjustment of the regulated output voltage to multiple voltage settings, providing direct compatibility to your multirotor electronics and power applications.

    • Eliminates the need for wire harnesses or additional soldering when using high power electronics
    • Designed for dependable operation of multiple electronics
    • Allows for the selection of four different voltage ranges (5V, 6V, 8V, and 12V)
    • Includes connectors for the power input leads, which provides simple plug-and-play compatibility with most power distribution boards (PDBs)
    • Ideal for commercial and industrial flight operations

    KDE Direct multirotor electronics provide market-leading performance, efficiency, and dependability - especially when paired with the KDE Direct UAS Multirotor Brushless Motor Series. KDE Direct UAS (Drone) ESCs come pre-loaded with the latest production firmware and include lifetime firmware updates when available at KDEDirect.com via the simple to use and proprietary KDEDevice software.