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The Future of Commercial Drones

It wasn’t all that long ago that the word drone conjured up an image of a bee rather than a remotely piloted UAV. Although drones have been used for years by the military, the word hasn’t exactly been part of our everyday language. We stopped by CES 2017 this year to take a look at what the future has in store for commercial drones.

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Telemedical Drones Deliver

Drone hobbyists know that unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, have been used by the government since the 1970s, mainly for aerial surveillance. And more recently, drones have attracted attention due to the interest of major retailers — especially Amazon — for quick and efficient package deliveries. But one of the most exciting areas of deployment is just beginning to make headlines — telemedical drones.

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Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery Completed

Amazon has been hinting about plans for Prime Air drone deliveries for a few years now, since as early as 2013. Those plans began to unfold publicly this week, with Amazon's announcement of drone delivery trials in the UK. While these trials are small, working with only two shoppers so far—and a delivery of an Amazon Fire TV stick and a bag of popcorn—Amazon projects to expand these, from initially dozens to eventually hundreds who live within a short radius of the Prime Air fulfillment center in Cambridge.

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Material Strength in Multirotor Component Construction

Material strength plays a large role in the quality, durability and dependability of multirotor components. Strength takes into consideration factors that relate to the behavior of the material when subjected to stresses and strains. From density to fatigue strength, there are specifications critical to the material strength and success of multirotor components.

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KDE Direct Gift Guide for the Multirotor Enthusiast

With the holidays upon us, finding the perfect gift for the multirotor enthusiast in your life can be daunting. Although it doesn’t have to be. KDE Direct offers a variety of gifts for the multirotor enthusiastfrom the hobbyist to the professional.

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