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UAV Upgrade Kits are What's Next for Drone Performance

uav upgrade kitsWhen people ask what’s next for drones, usually the answers vary. Lift capacity, enhanced performance and increased flight time for personal, commercial or industrial applications, are what's next when it comes to drone operation. Using upgrade kits, you can enhance smoothness of operation, increase flight time and make these aircrafts more durable and long lasting.

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Upgrade DJI Motors with KDEPSK-2315-965 Multirotor Power System Kit

upgrade dji motors DJI produces popular drones that work right out of the box. DJI drones include a camera that shoots stills and video and can be tweaked from an app on your mobile phone. While many consumers can go for years using the standard configuration, users with bigger dreams should upgrade DJI motors with the KDEPSK-2315-965 Multirotor Power System Kit.

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Quadcopter Kits | What Upgrades You Need Now

Quadcopter kits Whether you’re building your own quadcopter from the ground up, or upgrading an out-of-the-box drone like the DJI Phantom, KDE Direct sells quadcopter kits to bring your UAV to the next level. No matter the application, whether you’re racing your drone, you’re an aerial photographer, or any number of other personal or commercial uses, upgrading your drone now benefits your overall flight performance.

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