UAV Upgrade Kits are What's Next for Drone Performance


UAV upgrade kits

When people ask what’s next for drones, usually the answers vary. Lift capacity, enhanced performance and increased flight time for personal, commercial or industrial applications, are what's next when it comes to drone operation. Using upgrade kits, you can enhance smoothness of operation, increase flight time and make these aircrafts more durable and long lasting.

UAV upgrade kits are what’s next for drone performance and . Upgrading your drone, whether it’s being used for aerial photography, agricultural data gathering, or First Person View (FPV) racing has many benefits that increase the lifespan of your aircraft. KDE Direct offers multirotor power system kits as high performance packages for both specialty and standard applications.

UAV Upgrade Kits

KDE Direct UAV upgrade kits include all of the hardware necessary to upgrade the power system of your drone for market leading performance.

Upgrading Drones for Competition FPV Racing

KDE offers several UAV upgrade kits designed for competitive FPV racing. These kits include four brushless motors and four ESCs, as well as all of the adapters and components necessary for installation. Each of these upgrade kits was designed specifically to gain advantage over the competition with the highest level of brushless technology.

Upgrading DJI Stock Drones

From the popular, out-of-the-box Phantom by DJI to the higher end S1000 octocopters, KDE makes upgrade kits that can be used specifically for DJI drones and similar frames. We make no compromises with these kits, which means the motors are chosen as the ideal upgrade for the DJI platform.

Both of these types of upgrade kits can be used to enhance performance on a wide range of multirotor platforms, which doesn’t limit their application to DJI models or FPV racing. Whether you’re looking to significantly increase the lift capacity or flight time for personal, commercial or industrial applications, KDE has the UAV upgrade kits you need when you’re looking for what’s next for drone performance.

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