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The Evolution of Aerial and Drone Photography

  Viewing our world from above is a unique experience; it forces our perspective to change. Aerial photography has been used for everything from geographic mapping to artistic endeavors to spy missions, giving people a realistic vantage of the world few had seen before. In the recently released book Above the World: Earth Through a Drone's Eye, today’s top aerial photographers offer vivid displays of color, shadow, and pattern that couldn’t have been accomplished even ten years ago. Drones have launched a new era in photography and continue to change our view of the world. A drone’s ability to hover...

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Drone Photography and Cinematography Guide | Tips on Shooting from the Sky

One of the decade’s most exciting developments in technology - and art - is drone photography. High flying cameras help you capture stunning new viewpoints of familiar subjects and are used in everything from cinematography to real estate. With drone photography, the cost of getting a camera airborne has dropped substantially, and a new industry was born. But there’s more to getting a good shot than just getting your camera in the air. Framing, brushless motors, and smooth panning work together to get you high-quality photos. Getting Started Many drone companies highlight ease of operation with encouraging phrases like “Fly...

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The Evolution of Drones in Street Art

Carlo Ratti Associati   Not all street artists are excited by the prospect of scaling a twenty story building. Lucky for them, in recent years we’ve learned that drones can be used for more artistic purposes than just photography and film. Help is at hand for artists who own large drones with robust motors. Drones have been used for a variety of street art purposes over the last few years to help artists paint bigger and bolder than ever before. Katsu’s Drone Graffiti Drones have been used on city blocks since 2015, when graffiti artist Katsu used a drone to...

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