KDE Direct News Releases — brushless motors

Data Logging with the UAS UVC Series and Device Manager

As the needs of our clients evolve, so do we. At KDE Direct, we know that our clients value rugged construction, components with longevity, and detailed visual data of their flights. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new UAS UVC electronic speed controller (ESC) series and device manager.

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Brushless DC Motors for Transportation

Electric vehicles aren’t as new as you’d think. The first electric vehicle, a tricycle, was engineered in 1881 by French inventor Gustave Trouve. This was made possible by the creation of his electric motor, allowing Trouve to reduce the weight of motor components to obtain an impressive energy output.

Engineers since have spent years trying to improve electric vehicles. After all, they consume less fuel, resulting in lower greenhouse emissions and better gas mileage for drivers. Many of these attempts, especially those surrounding electric cars, focus extensively on trying to improve the batteries. But maybe it’s time to reflect on what made Trouve’s tricycle so revolutionary.

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Could Drone Delivery Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

We’ve heard about Amazon’s mission to revamp their package delivery service with the aid of drones for years. Reducing the needs for trucking by delivering certain packages with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) would save fuel—and carbon emissions, as a result. Aerial delivery drones could potentially release less of the gases that lead to climate change like carbon dioxide. But how much could drone deliveries help?   The Rise of Drone Delivery The China-based retailer, JD.com, has already launched drone delivery in four provinces in the country, while DHL and Zipline are currently using drones to deliver medicine to rural and...

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Brushless Motors for Manufacturing

  The manufacturing industry has always been closely connected with engineering. So why don’t many motor manufacturers keep industrial design in mind when crafting their brushless motors? At KDE Direct, we pride ourselves on serving the manufacturing and fabrication industries. Our brushless DC motors are frequently used in areas where stable operation and precise motion control are essential to smooth project operation. But where, exactly, are these motors used and why?   Why Use Brushless Motors for Manufacturing? The manufacturing industry requires high-power, durable brushless motors. Likewise, a compact design is essential in applications with tight space constraints. Brushless motors...

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Brushless Motors for Robotics | Common Questions Answered

  As of 2018, KDE Direct has expanded into several new industries, including robotic applications. Since the launch, we’ve received a few questions regarding brushless motors for a wide variety of robotic applications, from BattleBots to microrobotic systems. Here is our roundup of common robotic questions along with our answers so you can get to building.   What Counts as a Robot? The definition of the word “robot” isn’t as broad as you’d expect. A robot is a man-made mechanical device that can move by itself, whose motion must be modeled, planned, sensed, actuated and controlled, and whose behavior can...

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