Data Logging with the UAS UVC Series and Device Manager

kde direct data logging


As the needs of our clients evolve, so do we. At KDE Direct, we know that our clients value quality construction, smooth motor control, safety, and the ability to log data to make better decisions. That’s why we’re excited to announce data logging for our UAS UVC electronic speed controller (ESC) series and new KDE Device Manager V1.32



Our UAS UVC series uses state-of-the-art technology and provides users with an array of new features:

  • - Data Logging and Graphing
  • - Stall Protection
  • - Motor Control Optimizations


    One of the most exciting features in the firmware update for the UAS UVC series is its new data graphing features. To access this new functionality, simply update your UVC Series ESC to the latest firmware and review the Instruction Manual.

    During a flight, the UVC Series ESC records the following: 

  • - Drive Voltage
  • - Drive Current
  • - Temperature
  • - Motor Drive Power
  • - Input Throttle
  • - Output Throttle
  • - RPM
  • - Power Consumption

    Our new KDE Device Manager is customizable and we have added an assortment of graphing features to view the ESC data log. The latest update also features a variety of display options, changeable units, and printing.

    The data log also offers a number of other intuitive features. A data log can be saved or loaded from previous flights. The data log speed can be be changed to allow the ESC to record more data. We've also added the ability to record multiple flights and see all use time. This allows you to keep track of flights in a way that makes the most sense to accomplish your goals.

    For a full list of new features, please review the releases notes located on the Device Manager Software specifications page.


    All KDE ESC's now have the option to turn on Stall Protection.

    Stall Protections is an advanced algorithm that allows for the immediate shutdown of electronics during propeller impact or alternate unsafe event. This safety feature will protect the ESC from damage and prevent hazardous situations by detecting if a propeller blocked.


    A number of motor control optimizations have also been added to the KDE Device Manager. The motor control algorithm on our ESCs have been optimized specifically to which  UAS Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor you are using. This can be accomplished by selecting which motor you are using in the KDE Device Manager and provides greater efficiency and overall improvements on the motor control.

    KDE Direct for Optimized Flights and In-Depth Flight Data

    Our team at KDE Direct takes pride in crafting intuitive and long-lasting components for a variety of applications. With the addition of Stall Protection, Motor Control Optimizations, and Data Logging, KDE Direct stands at the forefront of the brushless motor and component industry.

    Please contact KDE Direct ( ) for sales and design inquiries or to learn more about our custom product capabilities.

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