KDE Direct Adds DroneCAN to UVC Series ESCs


KDE Direct is committed to ensuring compatibility across a wide range of devices. That’s why we are excited to announce that the DroneCAN protocol has been added to the UVC series ESC firmware. DroneCAN is a decentralized CAN protocol used by ArduPilot and PX4 flight controllers for communication with CAN devices. Many CAN devices are currently used throughout the drone industry. This means customers currently using DroneCAN with their UAVs can now use KDE Direct ESCs without the need for additional setup or drivers. Setup instructions can be found in the DroneCAN Quickstart guide.

This new firmware allows for health monitoring, throttle control, and live telemetry information to be sent via the DroneCAN protocol. ESC device information such as voltage, current, temperature, RPM, power rating, etc. can now be viewed in real time with DroneCAN compatible devices. We hope this new update allows for easy integration and simple plug and play operation with a larger variety of devices. KDE Direct is determined to develop solutions to meet your design requirements and deliver robust and reliable solutions over a diverse range of applications.

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