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Custom Products and Design Inquiries

KDE Direct is the industry leader in component design and manufacturing for UAS, multi-rotor, and single-rotor systems. Our full line of components, from light weight to heavy lift brushless motors and carbon fiber propeller blades, to electronic speed controller (ESC) systems and proprietary software, have set the standard in the unmanned systems industry. Known for quality, durability and performance - KDE Direct can create simple changes to standard off-the-shelf items, or manufacture your unique design and application.


Why Choose KDE Direct for Custom Products?

In addition to the consistency of quality delivered with our products, there are many reasons to choose KDE Direct to design and build your custom UAS equipment. With core capabilities in design and engineering, we have established a reputation for innovation, vertical integration, and on-time delivery.

  • KDE Direct custom products are designed in the United States at our headquarters location in Bend, Oregon, by an experienced Engineering Team
  • All products feature detailed design intent, finite-element analysis, and the strictest machining guidelines
  • ISO 9001 certification for production facilities, RoHS, WEEE and CE compliant
  • Component optimization for ideal performance of brushless motors and ESCs
  • Manufacturing in the U.S. for prototyping and aluminum components, as well as overseas manufacturing for full scale production requirements


coax custom motorsKDE Direct recently completed a custom coaxial motor build for Shotover Camera Systems. Shotover manufactures and designs high performance camera systems and UAVs for the motion picture industry, as well as surveillance and industrial survey markets. From pocket quadcopters for public safety to scanning the ocean floor, KDE Direct can design the best brushless motor, electronics, and propeller blades for your specific application. 

KDE Direct has designed large motors for heavy lift (such as the KDE8218XF-120) all the way down to miniature motors like the KDE1303XF - literally the size of your pointer fingernail. Whether you need modifications to our standard product lineup and off-the-shelf items, or custom designed components specific to your own requirements, KDE Direct has the capabilities to achieve your goals.  



small custom motorsKDE Direct custom components provide fast time-to-market and ease in system integration. At KDE Direct, we’re excited to be at the forefront of product design and manufacturing for the UAV industry.

Contact KDE Direct ( for sales and design inquiries and more information about custom product capabilities.