Propeller Blades

Multirotor Propeller Blades

Unprecedented flight performance comes from the integration of KDE Direct brushless motors, electronics, and multirotor propeller blades. KDE Direct’s UAS Propeller Blade Series is designed for simple, bolt-on installation to the KDE Direct UAS Propeller Blade Adapters and Brushless Motor Series. Using KDE Direct products in unison leads to the most efficient flight performance, reliability, and smooth, vibration-less flight operation.


Multirotor/UAV Propeller Blade Technology

KDE Direct provides professional quality, CNC balanced, true-3K carbon-fiber matrix propeller blades that are ideal for commercial and industrial UAS and drone applications.

  • All propellers are dynamically balanced at the factory - no need for secondary balancing for direct installation
  • Multirotor/UAS propeller blades are designed for portability and ease of operation - no need for additional tools at the field
  • Propeller blades come in balance-matched pairs for smooth flight operation
  • All designs are FEA optimized for maximum strength and minimum weight
  • Engineering airfoil designs for maximum efficiency, sound reduction, and peak top-end thrust generation
  • Dual- and triple-blade configurations available for a variety of applications

Dynamically Balanced

All KDE Direct propeller blades are dynamically balanced at our production facility and sold in sets of two or three, packaged and ready for clean installation. These matched pairs are simple to install and don’t require secondary balancing or other requirements associated with other aftermarket brands. Propeller airfoils have been optimized for maximum efficiency, peak top-end thrust and quiet operation for dependable and consistent flight performance across a variety of weather conditions.

It’s important to note that blades cannot be intermixed between pairs or sets, as the dynamic-balancing is critical for operation. Make sure to keep matched pairs and sets together in order to prevent balance related issues. If a single blade is damaged during use, make sure to replace the full propeller blade pair or set for best operation.

KDE Direct's UAS (drone) propeller blades comes in pairs of two or three matched sets and range in sizes from 12.5” to 30.5”. Check the Specifications tab of each propeller blade edition to determine which propeller blade adapters and brushless motors are compatible for simple installation. KDE Direct propeller blades were designed for simple installation and safe operation with KDE Direct propeller blade adapters and UAS brushless motor series.