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The Future of Brushless DC Motors in Aerospace

Resistant to harsh elements and shocks, the compact and durable design of brushless DC motors makes them ideal for aerospace applications, from powering rovers to drones. That’s why NASA has been using brushless motors in their aerospace missions for over 50 years. Take a look at NASA’s rich history with brushless motors and get a sneak peek at what’s coming in the next few years!

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Drones on Mars | To Boldly Go Where No Rover Has Gone Before

If NASA’s Mars rover can make groundbreaking scientific discoveries (like the fact that Mars had conditions to support life) on wheels alone, think of what we can accomplish by taking to the skies. NASA is in the planning process of its 2020 Mars rover mission, following the massive success of the Curiosity rover. When the next rover heads to Mars a few years from now, it’s likely that it will be accompanied by a drone to help expand our understanding of the planet’s landscape. NASA and Drones Drones have been exceptionally useful for investigating areas of our planet that are...

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Clever Uses for Drones

Telemedicine, NASA, and champagne. Drones are gaining popularity all the time, and with that comes new, clever uses you hadn’t thought of yet - but probably wish you had.

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