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The Evolution of Drones in Street Art

Carlo Ratti Associati   Not all street artists are excited by the prospect of scaling a twenty story building. Lucky for them, in recent years we’ve learned that drones can be used for more artistic purposes than just photography and film. Help is at hand for artists who own large drones with robust motors. Drones have been used for a variety of street art purposes over the last few years to help artists paint bigger and bolder than ever before. Katsu’s Drone Graffiti Drones have been used on city blocks since 2015, when graffiti artist Katsu used a drone to...

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Humanitarian Drone Efforts

  Many of today’s humanitarian efforts employ UAVs to aid in everything from telemedicine to disaster response. Here are some of the ways humanitarian drones are changing the industry - and the world. Drones for Medicine Many hospital firms have several facilities within the same area and need to transport diagnostic or blood samples from one to the other frequently. The speed and reliability of these deliveries are critical for the health of patients, and lives can be endangered if transfers don’t happen as quickly as possible. Drones can convey diagnostic samples or medicine more reliably and with lower costs...

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KDE Takes Hollywood | KDE Motors Used to Shoot Box Office Smash Hits

  Released on Friday, April 14th, 2017, Fate of the Furious directed by Felix Gary crossed the finish line just two days later as the biggest international opening in movie history at $532.5 million - beating out Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The film has since surpassed the $1 billion milestone. Fate of the Furious is the first US Film by NBC Universal to feature cinematography by drone. Shot on 3 islands, including action sequence drone scenes in Georgia and Cleveland, KDE Direct industrial drone components were onboard to get the shots. In May 2016, shooting for Fate of The...

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