KDE Direct Releases KDECAN, Providing Standards for ESC and Flight Controller Communication Protocol

KDE Direct, a leading manufacturer of brushless motors, electronics, and components for the UAV market has announced the launch of a technology standard communication protocol. The KDECAN Protocol will allow UVC series ESCs to actively monitor critical system components, increase redundancy, and set the standard for operational safety and innovation in the drone industry.

ESCs and flight controllers use PWM signals to transmit information from the flight controller to the ESC. With the addition of KDECAN, the customer has access to a multitude of features including live telemetry, system warnings, and redundant throttle control. KDECAN detects when an ESC loses throttle control and uses messages sent via CAN bus to continue operation for increased reliability. The KDECAN communication protocol is available on the KDE Direct website.

KDECAN was built using standard STM32 hardware drivers for optimized efficiency and performance. Designed to be robust, user-friendly, and scalable for easier application, the KDECAN Protocol is the new standard in the industry. KDE Direct has worked directly with Pixhawk Ardupilot developers to implement KDECAN into Mission Planner. Alternately, KDE Direct provides the capabilities to integrate KDECAN into any flight controller with CAN bus capabilities.

“KDE Direct is continually developing standards for safety, reliability, and performance in the UAV market. By leading our industry in standardizing CAN bus technology, KDE Direct provides integrated solutions for our industrial and military customers.”

-Leslie Koegler, CEO at KDE Direct

About KDE Direct | KDE Direct, LLC is a company driven by innovation and quality products. As a market leader in component design and production of brushless motors, KDE Direct remains the leading choice for businesses who depend upon industrial quality and performance. KDE Direct's heavy lift brushless motors, specialized Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs), and software have set the standard in the UAV industry.

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