Brushless Motors for Manufacturing

brushless motors for manufacturing


The manufacturing industry has always been closely connected with engineering. So why don’t many motor manufacturers keep industrial design in mind when crafting their brushless motors? At KDE Direct, we pride ourselves on serving the manufacturing and fabrication industries. Our brushless DC motors are frequently used in areas where stable operation and precise motion control are essential to smooth project operation. But where, exactly, are these motors used and why?


Why Use Brushless Motors for Manufacturing?

The manufacturing industry requires high-power, durable brushless motors. Likewise, a compact design is essential in applications with tight space constraints. Brushless motors can help performance-driven improve next-generation machines. They are particularly useful for motor control, actuation systems, and positioning in the manufacturing industry.

KDE Direct’s brushless motors are regularly used in spindles, pumps, and fan drives with adjustable speed applications thanks to their massive torque and excellent speed response. Thanks to their durability, brushless motors are used across the world for an array of industrial and manufacturing uses such as wind energy, power generation, plastics, vacuums, and steel production.


Common Uses for Brushless Motors in Manufacturing and Fabrication

  • Feed drives for CNC machine tools
  • Linear motors
  • Extruder drive motors
  • Servomotors
  • Actuators for industrial robots
  • Vacuums
  • Metal forming
  • Power generation
  • Wind energy
  • Steel production
  • Vibratory equipment
  • Motion control, positioning, and actuation systems


Why KDE Direct?

KDE Direct’s brushless motors are well-suited to industrial fabrication thanks to their efficiency and high-power density. Our brushless motors can last for approximately ten years without any upkeep, making them perfect for rugged, continuous use in the industrial and manufacturing fields. Our team uses custom-CNC machined components to ensure that Engineering and Quality Analysis can provide the most accurate data possible to match real-life conditions.

Designed with endurance in mind, KDE Direct motors are optimal for motion control, positioning, or actuation systems for manufacturing. The durable construction and design of these brushless motors assure exceptional thermal characteristics and high energy efficiency. Our components are perfect for demanding environments where a risk of sparking could negatively impact sensitive equipment. Manufacturers often choose KDE Direct's brushless motors due to their high speeds and maintenance-free operation.


KDE Direct Brushless Motors for Manufacturing

Our brushless motors for manufacturing provide market-leading performance with thousands of hours of maintenance-free usage. At KDE Direct, we take our reputation and your safety seriously. That’s why all of our production facilities around the world have implemented ISO 9001 certification. Likewise, each one of our products is RoHS (The Restriction of Hazardous Substances), CE (European Conformity), and WEEE (The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) compliant for commercial and industrial applications.

KDE Direct manufactures brushless DC motors for a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial applications, with products specially designed to provide powerful performance. If you require modifications to our current product lineup or custom designed components specific to the needs of your project, KDE Direct has the experience and skill to meet your goals. Our custom components offer easy in-system integration and fast turnarounds. KDE Direct is proud to be at the forefront of motor design and manufacturing for the manufacturing industry.

Please contact KDE Direct ( for sales and design inquiries as well as more information about custom product capabilities.

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