Aerialpixels FX8 Pro Elite Review Includes the New KDE 7208XF-110 and 75amp ESC’s

KDE Direct 7208XF-110 industrial brushless motors were recently featured by Dronelife (April 2016) in the review of an AerialPixels FX8 Pro Elite X8. From Joe Papa: " I decided on the new 7208XF-110 and 75amp ESC’s with their latest firmware. These motors are ultra efficient and can run on 6-12s lipo and 26 – 29 inch props. With light payloads its possible to achieve flight times in excess of 1 hour! When I need to lift more weight I can simply change to a larger prop or switch to 12S by wiring two of my 6s packs in series and the machine transforms into an ultra efficient monster lifter." Read the full 7208XF motor review. 

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