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KDE Direct is pleased to announce the launch of new features and updates to the KDE Direct software. You can now download (click on Specifications tab) the latest Firmware for KDE Direct ESC models. Visit us online to download the new Instruction Manual. It best explains all of the new KDE Direct software features. Users will need to download and install the KDE Direct Device Manager V1.17 software, which is available as a .exe or .zip download.

New KDE Direct Software Features

THROTTLE CALIBRATION MODE – Users can now select RANGE, allowing for direct input of the throttle calibration via the computer. These values can be directly matched to the flight controller for simple installation and direct compatibility. Two additional modes, DYNAMIC and MANUAL, are available for custom solutions to various flight controllers and future technology expansion.

ADVANCE TIMING – Two dynamic modes are now available, DYNAMIC and PRECISION, which allow the user to adjust the performance output of their motor to their desired application. Choose DYNAMIC for higher efficiency and smooth balance of power and PRECISION for maximum power and acceleration ideal of heavy-lift brushless motors (KDE7208XF and larger).

PROPELLER HOLD – This brand new function provides a rapid propeller-stop and position hold, ideal for emergency parachute recovery systems. This prevents the propellers from rotating once the parachute is deployed, avoiding entanglement with the parachute cords and safe recovery of the aircraft. This has been a common request from industrial clients wanting a back-up rescue parachute in case of mechanical failure.

MOTOR EDITION – This is a brand new function for the heavy-lift brushless motor series. The firmware is now custom tuned to specific KDE Direct XF Brushless Motor editions, such as the KDE7215XF-135, so each motor is optimally running and tuned to the ESC controls. This is a critical function to allow the ESC and brushless motor to operate in ideal combination, as various optimizations are incorporated for the perfect smoothness and performance of the power system.

Download the new KDE Direct software upgrades to experience the latest technological advancements in ESC software programming ability. While these functions are specific for multirotor applications, many other updates are included that remap how the motors operate.

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