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Quadcopter kits

Whether you’re building your own quadcopter from the ground up, or upgrading an out-of-the-box drone like the DJI Phantom, KDE Direct sells quadcopter kits to bring your UAV to the next level. No matter the application, whether you’re racing your drone, you’re an aerial photographer, or any number of other personal or commercial uses, upgrading your drone now benefits your overall flight performance.

Quadcopter Kits from KDE Direct

Quadcopter kits from KDE Direct provide power system upgrades that work on specific drone models like the DJI Phantom 2/3 Series, but can also be used on a wide array of other prefabricated models and for creating your UAV from scratch.

KDEPSK-2315-FPV Multi-rotor Power System Kit for Competition FPV Racing

Designed for all 250- to 400-class FPV Racing frames, the KDEPSK-2315-FPV quadcopter kit includes four KDE Direct 2315XF-2050 Brushless Motors and four KDE Direct XF UAS Multi-rotor ESCs. These components were designed for maximum performance and extended-life durability. Gain advantage over the competition with the KDEPSK-2315-FPV Multi-rotor Power System Kit for Competition FPV Racing.

KDEPSK-2315-885 Multi-rotor Power System Kit for DJI Phantom 3 Series

This power system kit provides maximum performance, efficiency and extended-life durability for the DJI Phantom 3 Series. We were very intentional in creating this power system kit, as we believe it’s the ideal upgrade for customers looking to increase the smoothness and flight-time for aerial photography and cinematography applications. This kit is also compatible with a wide range of 450mm and larger quadcopters.

KDE Direct offers a variety of quadcopter kits to best suit your specific drone upgrade needs. In addition to upgrades for quadcopters, we offer upgrade kits for other UAV configurations including octocopters and hexacopters.

Looking to really take flight? Upgrade your quadcopter with folding-style propeller blades from KDE Direct. Browse our selection of carbon-fiber propeller blades for a complete upgrade that increases flight time and efficiency across the board.

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