Upgrade DJI Motors with KDEPSK-2315-965 Multirotor Power System Kit

upgrade dji motors

Photo credit: Lee B. Lynch

DJI produces popular drones that work right out of the box. DJI drones include a camera that shoots stills and video and can be tweaked from an app on your mobile phone. While many consumers can go for years using the standard configuration, users with bigger dreams should upgrade DJI motors with the KDEPSK-2315-965 Multirotor Power System Kit.

While the DJI Phantom models may be simple enough for anyone to use, choosing to upgrade DJI motors is typically done by users hoping for more thrust capacity and extended life durability.

Why Upgrade DJI Motors

Whether for personal or commercial use, there are many benefits when you upgrade DJI motors. Often, our customers upgrade DJI motors because they are looking for a significant increase in smoothness and flight time for aerial applications. From cinematography to racing, upgrading DJI motors will help extend the lifespan and durability of your Phantom drone.

KDE Direct offers several upgrades for DJI motors. Our power system kits provide you with four motors to replace the standard ones included with DJI Phantom models.

KDEPSK-2315-965 Multirotor Power System Kit Specifications

  • Four KDE Direct 2315XF-965 Brushless Motors
  • Four KDE XF UAS M6 Propeller Adapter Assemblies (RH Edition, DJI RH Edition, DJI LH Edition)
  • Four KDE Direct UAS Propeller Bracket Assemblies
  • Four KDE Direct UAS Propeller Bracket Adapters
  • 12 KDE Direct Bullet Connectors (Female)
  • 16 Flat Head Phillips Head Machine Screws
  • 16 Button Head Socket Head Cap Screws
  • Eight Button Head Socket Cap Screws

We provide instructions specific for installing the KDEPSK-2315-965 power system kit on DJI Phantom 2/3 Series, which makes it easy to upgrade DJI motors with our products.

KDE Direct offers the ideal upgrades for DJI motors. By purchasing one of our power system kits with all of the motors and accessories included you will not only save time, but also money. Upgrade DJI motors with the KDEPSK-2315-965 Multirotor Power System Kit from KDE Direct.

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