Device Manager Software for UAS Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) Series


Note: For the latest Instruction Manual and Software Updates, click the "Specifications" tab above for more technical details and download links.

The new KDE Direct Device Manager Software provides the ability to update all KDE Direct UAS Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) to the latest production firmware releases, and customize advanced options for multiple applications.  A wide-range of new control-algorithm technologies can be programmed, such as the brushless motor startup power, drive frequency, synchronous rectification, temperature-controlled regenerative-braking, voltage cutoffs, and other market-leading features.

Optimized settings will be automatically applied to the ESC after firmware updates, with no additional changes needed for correct operation with the KDE Direct UAS Multi-Rotor Brushless Motors for most UAS and Multi-Rotor applications.  Advanced programming options are available for alternate systems, such as fixed-wing, single-rotor, and custom flight applications.


System Requirements: Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Compatible with Apple® systems, through use of emulation software such as Boot Camp and Parallels® Desktop 13.

Instruction Manual: KDE Direct UVC ESC Series Instruction Manual REVPR02 (PDF)

Alternate Manual: KDE Direct Device Manager Instruction Manual REVPR09 (PDF)

Software Download: KDE Direct Device Manager V1.31 (EXE)

Alternate Software Download: KDE Direct Device Manager V1.31 (ZIP)

Firmware Download(s):

KDEXF-UAS20LV Series C460118.kde
KDEXF-UAS35 Series A460120.kde
KDEXF-UAS55 Series A460120.kde
KDEXF-UAS35HVC Series B460239.kde
KDEXF-UAS55HVC Series B460239.kde
KDEXF-UAS75HVC Series B460239.kde
KDEXF-UAS95HVC Series B460239.kde
KDE-UAS125UVC Series D460109.dfu

Release Notes:


  • Added production firmware release for new KDE-UAS125UVC ESC series

A460120, B460239, C460118

  • Added new OVERLOAD PROTECTION feature for enhanced ESC protection and safety
    • Note: selection menu is available only on the latest production KDEXF-UAS75HVC/95HVC
  • Added new Stall Protection algorithms for motor stall detection during startup and in-operation
  • Reduced motor shutdown time to ~200ms upon loss of control signal (failsafe protection)

A460118, B460131

  • Added new PRECISION (30kHz - 32kHz) drive frequency option for smooth motor operation
  • Further optimized ACCELERATION RATE defaults for each MOTOR EDITION

A460117, B460128, C460116

  • Added OneShot125 and PWMSync500 auto-detection algorithms to all UAS ESC editions
  • Improved shoot-through protection and synchronous rectification (S.R.) timings
  • Increased maximum commutation to 360,000 eRPM (2-Pole)
  • Added new INITIALIZE arming tone function
  • Additional optimizations incorporated for each MOTOR EDITION
  • Added new ACCELERATION RATE pull-down menu for flight-style control
    • Ability to change flight behavior for various UAS applications and pilot preference
    • Defaults optimized for each MOTOR EDITION

A460115, B460123, C460114

  • Optimized synchronous rectification logic for improved smoothness
  • Added new KDE7215XF-COAX motor edition
  • Corrected safety-arming tones for improved operator notification
  • Improved low-speed performance and startup algorithm

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