Support Center - FAQ - Single Rotor

What Advance Timing and PWM Frequency is optimal?

  • The KDE Direct XF Single-Rotor Brushless motors are versatile and can handle various ranges of Advance Timing and PWM Frequencies to suit your own style. For Castle Creations EDGE and TALON controllers, the default PWM rate of 12 kHz works well throughout the line of motors and Low (0) to Normal (5) timing. Recent testing has shown Low (0) timing produces the highest level of torque, efficiency, and cool-running temperatures when utilizing Governor Mode. For the Kontronik controllers, the AUTO timing functionality is optimal for maximum efficiency and performance throughout the full throttle-range.

How many magnet poles or pairs?

  • All motor details are listed on their respective product pages (found under the Specifications webpage tab) and all "G3" series motors are 10-pole (5-pair) designs for maximum efficiency and horsepower in single-rotor and geared applications. Higher pole-counts are used in the UAS Multi-Rotor series motors, reaching up to 28-pole (14-pair) designs more optimal for multi-rotor and drive-drive applications. Electromagnetic simulations and performance studies are used by the KDE Direct R&D Team, in choosing the optimal electromagnetic design and layout.

For optimal performance, what gearing should I use?

  • Gearing recommendations are provided in the Brushless Motor product pages, found under the Technical Media section of the webpage. Direct Link (PDF). In addition, setup information for common R/C Helicopters can be found in the Performance Setups webpage, with insight to installed hardware, technical information, and gearing details.

How about Kontronik and YGE ESCs?

  • The KDE Direct XF Single-Rotor Brushless Motors have been tested and are compatible with Kontronik ESCs, primarily the KOSMIK, Jive PRO and Koby series. For the KOSMIK series, make sure to use the latest Version 4.9 firmware or later with the Auto-Motor Timing for optimal operation with the "G3" series. The YGE ESC series is also proven directly compatible with the Brushless Motors - and for optimal settings, the default programming of 12 kHz PWM-frequency and 18° Timing is typically used. Please review the controller manual to properly program these settings before flight.

What bearings are used in the KDE Direct upgrades?

  • All bearings used in KDE Direct equipment are ABEC-5 or ABEC-7 rated, depending on the upgrade and application for the bearing. The construction consists of tool-grade, hardened SAE 52100 chrome alloy steel and dual-shielded (or dual-sealed) for longevity and reduced maintenance requirements.