KDECAN Wire Kit Pixhawk 2.1(CUBE)
  • $25.95


Compatible ESCs:

The new KDECAN firmware update for the UVC series ESC brings to life next-generation technology such as live monitoring of critical system components through telemetry, backup CAN bus throttle commands, warning signals and errors, and a host of other components for safe and reliable operation.

This kit includes the necessary cables for connecting four (4) UVC series ESCs to the Pixhawk 2.1 (CUBE).



    • One (1) CAN bus Molex PicoBlade to JST-GH cable
    • Three (3) CAN bus Molex PicoBlade to Molex PicoBlade cables
    • One (1) CAN bus Molex PicoBlade to 120 ohm resistor cable

    Full Specifications:

    Wire Length 200 mm
    Wire Length 7.87 inches
    Weight 10 g


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