Propeller Blades, 35.5" x 12.1, Dual-Edition Series (CW/CCW Set)
  • $460.00



Compatible with the KDE-DPAHL-SP Dual-Propeller Blade (Heavy-Lift) Adapter Series.

The new KDE Direct Carbon-Fiber Propeller Blades are constructed of true carbon-fiber 3K materials - same as we supply to our military-customers, and now available for commercial and industrial applications.  All propellers are dynamically-balanced and provided in matched-sets, so simply install the blades and go fly - no need for secondary balancing or other headaches that plague competitive offerings.  The Propeller Blade Series is designed for simple installation to the KDE Direct Multi-Rotor Propeller Blade Adapters and UAS Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor Series, for unprecedented smoothness and efficient flight performance.

Note: propeller blades are dynamically-balanced matched sets, for smooth and vibration-free flight operation.  Blades cannot be intermixed between sets - make sure to keep organized as matched blades to prevent balance-related concerns.  If a single-blade is damaged during operation, make sure to replace the propeller blade set (CW or CCW).


Material: Carbon-Fiber, 3K Matrix

Compatible Propeller Adapters:

    • Note: two adapters required for each set of propeller blades (CW and CCW)

Compatible Brushless Motors:


  • Two (2) KDE Direct Propeller Blades, 35.5" x 12.1, Dual-Edition (CW Matched Pair)
  • Two (2) KDE Direct Propeller Blades, 35.5" x 12.1, Dual-Edition (CCW Matched Pair)

70.0 g/blade (design is FEA optimized for maximum strength and minimum weight)


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