Choosing Components for Custom Built Drones

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From military applications to agriculture to aerial cinematography, many people are assembling custom built drones to fulfill different applications. Drones need the best components in order to extend the battery life and flight time, as well as efficiency. While some may only have a flight time of a couple minutes, custom built drones with the proper motors, propellers and electronic programming can make for a better flying experience, which should enhance the primary goal of your drone usage.

One of the beauties of drones is the ability to fly high above the ground and see sights normally reserved for pilots and passengers of airplanes and helicopters. Drone technology has truly been an innovation for many industries. From drones for public safety to multirotors that can spray fertilizer in agricultural settings, the possibilities are endless in a booming renaissance of technology. Keeping drones up to date helps further their capabilities, making for better efficiency and increased flight times.

Components for Custom Build Drones 

In order to enhance the technical specifications of your drone, consider these components:

Brushless Motors

Brushless motors designed specifically for heavy lift operations use an electronic communication system instead of mechanical brushes typical of brushed motors. Using the computer to communicate instead of mechanical brushes allows the motor and operations to be more precise. Customizing drone motors with the brushless variety for heavy lift helps improve flight smoothness, time in the air and durability.

Multirotor Propeller Blades

The size of your multirotor propeller blades can have an effect on the amount of power you use and therefore can influence flight time and smoothness. Depending on attachments to your drone, such as a camera, you may want to consider larger propellers. It may be beneficial to experiment with different sizes and take notes on how long your battery lasts and how efficient your flight is.

Electronics (ESC/UBEC)

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) and Universal Battery Eliminator Circuits (UBEC) are engineered specifically for UAV applications. KDE electronics are tuned and optimized for our brushless motors, which elevates the efficiency of your drones to a higher level of performance.

Finding the perfect combination of brushless motors, propeller blades and electronics is essential in custom built drones for better performance capabilities. Next time you find yourself creating custom built drones, stop and head directly to to check out the latest components for drones and UAV applications.

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