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UAVs for agriculture

(Photo credit: Vulcan UAV) Choosing the right components for UAVs for agriculture can help improve flight efficiency, allowing you to fly longer and farther. UAVs for agriculture have taken off at an increasingly strong rate as they can be used to gather a variety of image-based data about the conditions of fields, crops and livestock. Choosing the right motors, electronics and propellers increases flight time and performance, which is essential in surveying for the data you need with UAVs for agriculture.

UAVs for agriculture are most often used by farmers directly, or by agriculture service providers who fly drones for farmers. UAVs for agriculture are not your typical, out-of-the-box drone, thought there are ready-to-fly systems available. Whether you’re a farmer buying or building your own UAV, or an agriculture service provider with a fleet of multirotors available to fly for your clients, it’s important to choose the best components for optimal performance.

Uses of UAVs for Agriculture

  • Crop Scouting
  • Crop Health Monitoring
  • Field Surveying Before Planting
  • Yield Monitoring
  • Drought Assessment
  • Livestock Location, Status, Movement
  • Presence of Disease, Weeds and Nutrients

Flying Longer, Farther

Choosing the right components for UAVs for agriculture is necessary in order to fly longer, farther and increase agricultural efficiency. By increasing agricultural efficiency, farmers can react quickly and precisely, which can save resources like time, labor and money.

Brushless Motors

Choosing brushless motors for heavy lift applications helps UAVs for agriculture take flight. Motors designed to provide market-leading performance and hours of maintenance-free flying can improve flight performance in the agriculture industry. Brushless motors have high-thrust capacity, durability and when you choose the right motors, they can encompass premier UAV technology.


Choosing the right propellers with the proper length, pitch and material can increase speed, battery life and when paired with the right motors creates well-balanced UAVs for agriculture. The right propellers can draw less current, change speeds more efficiently and decrease vibration making for smoother, longer flights.


Electronics tuned and optimized specifically for your motors, like the KDE series ESCs and UBECs, lead to increased flight time and performance. High quality electronics engineered specifically for multirotor applications can help UAVs for agriculture fly longer and farther with market-leading performance.

For more information about choosing the right components for UAVs for agriculture, contact KDE Direct today. When you fly KDE components on your UAVs for agriculture, expect superior aerial performance when gathering the data you need to streamline agricultural processes.

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