Professional Aerial Photography and the Best Drone Parts

the best drone parts for aerial photography

(Photo Credit: blackdrone) Many of the drones you can fly directly out-of-the-box today come equipped with cameras, which is the most essential element in aerial photography. While that may be fine for the amateur aerial photographer, professionals require a more advanced camera and the best drone parts to carry it. Drones intended to fly heavy photography and videography cameras must be outfitted with the best parts in order to achieve optimal performance.

The Best Drone Parts for Professional Aerial Photography

While consumer camera drones like the DJI Phantom can be upgraded with high end brushless motors for increased performance, professional aerial photographers require something more for their heavy lift cameras. Whether filming a scene for the latest action/adventure blockbuster or shooting stills for a national magazine ad campaign, the best drone parts are necessary for improving flight time and performance.

Heavy Lift Brushless Motors

KDE offers the best drone parts, including brushless motors designed for heavy lift. Brushless motors from KDE have many advantages for aerial photographers, including:

  • High-temperature solid-core copper windings for operation in extreme climates
  • Triple-bearing support
  • Designed with performance and durability in mind
  • Worry-free flying for hundreds of hours
  • Active centrifugal fan for improved cooling and sustained performance

KDE suggests the KDE8218XF-120 or KDE7215XF-135 for heavy-lift aerial photography and cinematography. Use our Power System Thrust Calculator to determine which motor is best for you depending on your specific needs.

Professional Quality Propellers

When it comes to choosing the best drone parts, carbon fiber propeller blades need to rank high on your list for aerial photography. Benefits of carbon fiber blades include:

  • Low vibration
  • Maintains chord orientation even under high RPM
  • Less inertia on the motors due to light weight of propellers
  • Simple, bolt-on installation
  • Unprecedented flight performance

Carbon fiber blades are ideal for commercial aerial cinematography and photography, making them among the best drone parts.

For professional aerial photographers, the best drone parts matter. Choosing the best drone parts will enhance performance and stability, which is essential in shooting still images and filming video. Look to KDE Direct for the best drone parts for professional aerial photography and cinematography.

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