KDE Direct Commercial Drone Components Used in Top Feature Films and Commercials

KDE Direct commercial-grade components are used in the filming of top feature films and commercials. KDE components have been flown in the making of commercials for Lamborghini, PorcheJaguar, Mercedes, Ducati, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Ram Trucks, Chevrolet, Peugeot, Nissan, Jeep, Volkswagen, Wrangler, Budweiser, Mtn Dew, Mcdonalds, Michelob Ultra, Uniqlo, Exxon / Mobil, Nike, Lulu Lemon, Quicken Loans, Nestle, Telus, Adidas, Subway, Land Rover, Honda, Walmart, Lincoln, Intel and Qualcomm, as well as in the making of The Revenant, Insurgent, the Divergent Series, The Maze Runner, Power Rangers, The Solutrean, Planet of the Apes, The Age of Adaline and many more.


As an industry leader in component design and production for UAV and multirotor systems, KDE Direct is pleased to remain the leading choice amongst aerial cinematographers and commercial producers who depend upon industrial quality and performance. Our heavy lift brushless motors, carbon fiber propeller blades and specialized electronic speed controller (ESC) systems and software have set the standard in the multirotor industry. 

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