4215XF-465 UAS Brushless Motor

The KDE Direct 4215XF-465 UAS Brushless Motor is now available, and pre-orders have shipped worldwide and new orders are shipping daily. The new motor edition is for clients looking for incredible thrust output, in a small and light-weight format. At only 195 grams, the new KDE4215XF-465 uses a 24-Slot, 22-Magnet pole design to produce incredible torque and resultant thrust, at peak efficiency levels far above the competition. With the capability of producing >6,000 grams of thrust on 6S and 18" propellers, this new motor is the pinnacle of technology for sUAS and Multi-Rotor applications. Add to this the oversized 6mm internal shaft, triple-stacked NSK/NMB radial bearings, and durable construction the KDE Direct XF Series is known for; the new offering is ready for your critical commercial and industrial applications.

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