XF UAS 20A+ LV Electronic Speed Controller

The new KDE Direct XF UAS LV Multi-Rotor ESC, 20A+ is now available, providing the perfect matched power-system to the FPV Performance Racing Motors. Compatible with 2S to 6S LiPo (8.4V to 25.2V) operation and using the same optimized and proprietary algorithms as the larger XF ESCs; the new series provides up to 600Hz refresh rate control and extremely-fast response to the flight system commands. Dynamic PWM and Motor Advance Timing algorithms are used for optimal flight-performance - tuned to react near instantaneously to the flight commands and XF Brushless Motor response capability. Check out the last few minutes of the new YouTube Design Engineering Video (also showcased below) to see the amazing response and performance (starting at 19:10).

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