Insurgent - Shots filmed using the KDE3520XF-400!

This year Yonder Blue Films introduced a new addition to its filming crew, utilizing the KDE3520XF-400 motor, used in the film Insurgent with 20 aerial shots. KDE Direct continues to lead the market in technology, utilizing the highest grade components which create longer flight times and more durable systems. Said director Robert Schwentke's long time cinematographer, Florian Ballhaus, "We shot with the Alexa. But when it came to the drone work, we used the Red Scarlet because the Alexa was too heavy.  It’s the first time I used the XT for a whole movie with its built in recording device. And it’s also the first time I used the Zeiss Master anamorphic  lenses." That was another attempt to make the movie feel bigger and surreal."

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