Developing the Future of Drones in Mining

Drones in mining

Technological advancements in the development of drones may soon change some of the world’s most dangerous and labor-intensive industries. Drones for mining have started to become a reality and make way for massive changes to the mining and energy industries.

The use of drones in mining operations has the potential to allow the development of mines in regions of the world once thought too dangerous or too remote. Using drones for mining allows miners to monitor stockpiles, map exploration targets and track equipment. Eventually, using drones in mining will lead to package delivery to these remote worksites.

Imagine creating the mines of the future in remote locations and being able to control operations from control rooms in America and Australia. With technological advancements in using drones in mining, the future will come sooner than you think.

Drones in Mining and Underground Mapping

Drones in mining will allow the capture of 3D spatial data in hard-to-reach underground areas in mines, which removes many risks and safety concerns. Using drones in mining for underground mapping has a variety of other benefits as well, including being cost effective and easy on labor.

The use of drones in mining environments holds a promising future. A company called Clickmox Solutions has developed a 3D mapping system that can be installed on drones and is capable of building 3D maps in real time without the need for a GPS signal for positioning. Underground mapping can occur with a 3D laser area scanner that is light enough to be carried by the drone without limiting flight time.

Other Uses of Drones in Mining

  • Large area 3D scanning
  • 3D mapping
  • Convergence monitoring
  • Inspection
  • Surveying
  • 3D profiling
  • Vehicle positioning

Drones have already started to become more prevalent above ground in the mining industry as well as in agriculture. The use of drones in underground mining has immense benefits, especially when it comes to keeping people safely outside of underground mines and remote areas.

Drones in mining environments are projected to have a major impact on the industry in terms of productivity, cost effectiveness, efficiency and safety.

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