Upgrading Quadcopter Motors for Aerial Photography

upgrading quadcopter motors for aerial photography

Photo: Droneworks | In January, we gave you a beginner’s guide to aerial photography. This month, we dig into upgrading quadcopter motors for aerial photography. Beginner aerial photographers may be able to work with stock motors on ready-to-fly drones; however, as your skills progress you’ll discover upgrading quadcopter motors are well worth it for professional-quality aerial photos and video.

Importance of Upgrading Quadcopter Motors

Aerial photography and cinematography have blown up in recent years due to the advancements and availability of drones. Quadcopters are a popular platform for aerial photography. Upgrading quadcopter motors increases stability, which is an important factor for shooting clear images. Especially with video, your quadcopter drone has to fly perfectly in order to achieve smooth, stunning shots.

For aerial photographers using heavier cameras for good, quality photos, upgrading quadcopter motors to account for the additional weight is essential. Consider the thrust to weight ratio when upgrading quadcopter motors.

  • Make sure your motors can produce around 50% more thrust than the total weight of your drone
  • This is important because you will need extra thrust to control your quadcopter in wind and extreme weather conditions
  • For aerial photography, drones will be flying gently to capture the clearest shots, which means you don’t need as high of a power to weight ratio
  • Upgrading quadcopter motors to brushless increases precision flying and means minimal friction

Upgrading quadcopter motors offers many advantages for professional and intermediate aerial photographers and cinematographers. From a smoother flight to better performance, upgrading quadcopter motors to one of KDE Direct’s products helps increase the likelihood of clearer, more beautiful images. Additionally, upgrading quadcopter motors increases flight time, which keeps your drone in the air longer.

We encourage you to browse KDE’s selection of brushless motors. All of our products have technical specifications available to help you when upgrading quadcopter motors for aerial photography and cinematography.

Our newest motor, the KDE8218XF-120, is the perfect brushless motor for heavy lift operations. If you’re a cinematographer carrying a commercial video camera, consider this motor for upgrading your aerial photography drone.

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