Drone Aerial Videography for Real Estate Marketing

drone aerial videography for real estate

If you’ve been shopping for a home recently, you’ve probably noticed it’s not the same as it used to be. Real estate marketing has changed with the help of drone aerial videography. Drones have taken to the skies to give potential buyers a home view they may have never seen before. Before buying a home you can now see where it fits into the whole neighborhood. See angles of your potential new home that were never possible to see before the incorporation of drone aerial videography and photography.

Drone Aerial Videography for Real Estate

Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows commercial, for-profit drone use under limited circumstances. As regulations become more streamlined, expect more real estate agents to use drone technology in their marketing efforts for photography and videography.

Going forward, you’re likely to see two different types of drone aerial videography used in real estate marketing. First, real estate agents themselves may begin to use drones designed for personal use that can be purchased at retail establishments. The other option, will be to use third party drone photographers and videographers. As regulations ease on drone flight restrictions, more and more photographers will begin to utilize this technology to adapt to a changing market. 

Qualified UAV photographers will be able to use their control of multicopters to create stunning images of homes that will become increasingly more routine in real estate listings. While drone aerial videography may seem like an extravagance for traditional residential real estate, it could make the difference needed for industrial and commercial properties, as well as large sections of large and especially photogenic homes or landscapes.

In the past, real estate agents hoping to capture aerial photography and videography had to rely on the use of photographers from helicopters. In addition to being costly, this method also takes place at a higher altitude, which gives you a much different photo than a closer shot with a drone.

As regulations ease and technology advances, expect drone aerial videography to soar in real estate marketing. From lush beach front properties to mountain homes that lay above beautiful canyons, there’s a place for drone aerial photography in the real estate market.

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