Everything You Need to Know About KDE Direct Folding Propellers

KDE Direct Folding Propeller Blades


You know what motors you’re using for your latest drone project. You’ve picked out your weather-proof ESCs. But which propellers will be holding up your rig? We’ve broken down everything you need to know about KDE Direct’s propeller blades so you can get right to flying.

Folding Propellers Over Fixed Propellers

Our idea for propeller blades over fixed propellers came out of the helicopter technology that was the predecessor to KDE Direct before the rise of drones in our industry. The performance benefit of folding propellers is the lead-lag operation of propellers (the same as on a helicopter), that smooths out the flight during translational flight.

The issue with fixed propellers is that the propeller is being forced to fly similar to helicopter dynamics. However, it is designed suitably for airplanes, where the airflow is perpendicular to the plane of the propeller, rather than parallel, as is in the case with multirotors.

Factory Matched Sets for Balance

KDE Direct’s UAS Propeller Blades are dynamically balanced and come in factory matched sets, so there’s no need for secondary balancing or other headaches for smooth and vibration-free flights. The propeller airfoils have been optimized for maximum efficiency, peak top-end thrust, and quiet operation for flawless flights in a variety of weather conditions—especially when paired with the KDEXF-UASHVC ESCs, which are certified to an IP56 rating for all-weather operation.

Multiple Blade Configurations for Stability and Thrust

Multiple blade configurations (dual, triple, hex) are offered for a wide variety of applications and desired in-flight characteristics. Thrust gains >70% can be achieved over standard dual-propeller configurations, without needing to increase the airframe size or propeller diameter for improved stability in wind and light-disc rotor loading conditions that will otherwise deteriorate flight stability.

Folding Blades for Easy Transport

The KDE Direct UAS Propeller Blades are designed in combination with the KDE Direct UAS Propeller Blade Adapter Series – allowing for proper lead-lag operation during flight for incredible flight smoothness. In addition, the blades are easily folded back for storage and portability – no more hassling with mounting screws and worn adapter threads – for dependable operation.

CNC Certified with Aerospace-Grade Materials

The KDE Direct UAS Propeller Blade Adapter Series are CNC-machined from certified, aerospace grade AL 7075-T6 materials, with Class 12.9 alloy hardware for maximum strength and durability. Hex jam-nuts and Belleville spring lock washers provide a mechanical lock and consistent hold to the included custom CNC-machined, socket head shoulder cap screws, reducing the need to readjust blade pressure and requiring minimal maintenance to the assembly between flights.

KDE Direct UAS Propeller Blade Series

Our UAS Propeller Blade Series is constructed of true carbon-fiber matrix materials and designed specifically for commercial, industrial, and military usage and applications. Computerized aerodynamic optimizations and airfoil studies used throughout development provide the highest level of performance and manufacturing quality on the market, and are factory dynamically-balanced for vibration-free and exceptionally smooth flight characteristics.

Still curious why you’d want to choose folding props over fixed props? Check out our video explaining our Carbon-Fiber Propeller Blade Series.

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