KDE Direct News Releases — agriculture

Battling Climate Change with Drone Reforestation Techniques

drone reforestationOne of the biggest issues facing the environment is climate change caused by deforestation on an industrial scale. Deforestation itself is the conversion of forested lands to non-forested lands due to logging , pasture, urban use or wasteland. In addition to affecting climate change, deforestation creates ecological and environmental imbalances that result in habitat and biodiversity declines.

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UAVs for Agriculture | Fly Longer, Farther

UAVs for agricultureChoosing the right components for UAVs for agriculture can help improve flight efficiency, allowing you to fly longer and farther. UAVs for agriculture have taken off at an increasingly strong rate as they can be used to gather a variety of image based data about the conditions of fields, crops and livestock. Choosing the right motors, electronics and propellers increases flight time and performance, which is essential in surveying for the data you need with UAVs for agriculture.

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Redefining Farming with Agriculture Drones

Agriculture dronesAgriculture drones may soon be flying across America’s farmlands and changing the way data is analyzed, fertilizers and pesticides are spread and fields are scouted. Agriculture drones have the potential to change the way we farm. As federal regulations around UAVs loosen, innovations around the use of agriculture drones are hinting at improved crop yields, higher economic returns and better use of water, labor and less pollution.

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