Volans-i is Awarded an ARGUS Gold Rating

KDE Direct's world class equipment remains the top choice for industrial quality and performance. Volans-i has recently been awarded the ARGUS Gold Unmanned Operator rating. The California-headquartered autonomous drone delivery solution serves the commercial, defense, and humanitarian sectors both within the United States and abroad. The ARGUS Unmanned Audit Standard was developed to provide unbiased, factual, data necessary to make informed decisions every time they use a service provider. The program assesses the safety of UAS operators and provide requirements for vendor qualification.

“We were drawn to ARGUS’s rating system because of their high standards for safety protocols and the accountability of third-party evaluation sets. It is a testament to the hard work of our team and the processes and procedures we have in place to receive this rating,” says Hannan Parvizian, CEO and Co-Founder of Volans-i. Volans-i has demonstrated their commitment to achieving the highest standards for safety of UAVs.

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Volans-i Becomes the First Drone Delivery Company to Earn an ARGUS Gold Rating

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