KDE Direct News Releases

Dynamometer Development

Development of the thrust and efficiency data for each sUAS Brushless Motor is a critical design aspect of our Research and Development, and we make sure to post this for each motor edition on our website.

We receive various e-mails about how our data is obtained, so we felt it's best to show you our custom dynamometer and the critical features installed for accuracy...

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New Introduction Video

New KDE Direct Introduction video - how do you like it?...

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XF UAS ESC and Flight Controller Compatibility List

With all the range of equipment in the market, making all systems compatible is near impossible as a plug-and-play offering between ESCs/Brushless Motors and Flight Controllers.

The KDE Direct XF ESCs are high-quality devices and as such, institute true bi-directional OPTO-isolation for the three-wire RX or Flight Controller control lead. Why did we add this circuitry?...

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4215XF-465 UAS Brushless Motor

The 4215XF-465 UAS Brushless Motor is now available, pre-orders have shipped worldwide, and new orders are shipping daily. The new motor edition is for clients looking for incredible thrust output, in a small and light-weight format. At only 195 grams...

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KDE Direct Knowledge Base Instructional Videos

As part of our leadership in the industry to provide the highest-level of customer support and setup information, KDE Direct is continuing to post new Knowledge Base Instructional Videos to the KDE Direct YouTube Channel. Answers to your questions, such as "Are the KDE Direct XF UAS Brushless Motors rain and waterproof?" and "How do you calibrate the KDE Direct XF UAS Electronic Speed Controllers?" can all be found in these short videos. Make sure to check out the KDE Direct Knowledge Base: Episode VIII - Rain and Wet Conditions video, and see the KDE4012XF-400 running while fully-submerged in a...

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